| Meeting purpose / 会议宗旨

The International Dendrimer Symposia are held every second year. They are dedicated to get scientists involved in nanotechnologies meet and present their most recent advances in the design, applications, and sharing of their works to the broadest research communities. The field has expanded in the past 30 years and now dendrimers, dendritic polymers and hyperbranched architectures found application in various fields. These monodisperse nanometric molecular architectures are finding applications in nanomedicine, physics, drug delivery, vaccines, anti-viral and anti-bacterial agents, light harvesting, energy, and gene transfections. They have had also found recent applications in environmental research where they can be used to remove air pollutants and waste water clean-up....more>>

  • Biological medicine/ Nano drug

  • Polymer chemistry/ Self-assembly

  • Photoelectric/Energy/ Catalysis

  • Industrial applications of dendritic polymers

  • Others, application innovation contest of dendritic polymers

Organizing Committee / 组委会
  • Xiangyang Shi

    Donghua University

  • Deyue Yan

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Director of the organizing committee
  • Xinyuan Zhu

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Secretary General
  • Wusong Li

    General manager of CYD

Committee member (Updating)
  • Wei HuangYongfeng ZhouYufen ZhaoXuesi ChenJun WangWeigangTangYouqing ShenXingjie LiangXiaoxuan LiuZhongwei GuXinru JiaYan WeiZhishan BoMeizhen YinMeifang ZhuAfang ZhangChangqi MaHaibo YangYezi YouChangming DongWenxin WangXiqun JiangJean-Pierre MajoralKlaus MüllenLing PengRene RoyAnne-Marie CaminadeGeorge R. NewkomeDietmar AppelhansMark M. Banaszak HollMathieu ArseneaultTheodore Goodson,IIIToyoko ImaeJoão RodriguesAshok KakkarKimihisa YamamotoJorn B. ChristensenAndrea DananiIstvan BanyaiPushpendra Kumar Tripathi
Experts confirmed to attend / 参会专家
  • Prof. Tomalia

    NanoSynthons LLC  (Nomination of the Nobel Prize)

  • Prof. Jean Pierre Majoral


  • Prof. Aida

    University of Tokyo

  • Klaus Müllen

    Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany

  • Prof. Anne Marie Caminade


  • Academician Benzhong Tang

    Hong Kong University Of Science and Technology

  • Prof. Ling PENG

    CNRS Research Director , France

  • Prof. RENÉ ROY

    University of Montreal

  • Academician Deyue Yan

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  • Prof. George R. Newkome

    Departments of Chemistry and Polymer Science, The University of Akron, USA

  • Prof. Yan Wei

    Tsinghua University  (973's Chief Scientist)

  • Prof. Zhishan Bo

    Beijing Normal University (Chang Jiang Scholars Program)

  • Prof. Xinru Jia

    Peking University, Deputy Director of the Polymer Department

Organizers / 主办单位
  • Chinese Chemical Society 

Acting Organizer / 承办单位
  • Weihai

  • Donghua University

  • Shanghai JiaoTong University

  • Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co.,Ltd.

Sponsors / 赞助商

  • Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd.

Will invite enterprise

  • Julong

  • Jinyong


  • Volkswagen AG

  • Dendritech

  • Dendritic Nanotechnologies

  • Perstorp

  • Polymer Factory

  • DSM

  • BASF

  • GE

  • Huntsman

  • Selleck

  • CNPC

  • Sinopec

  • Sinochem

  • Wanhua Chemical Group

  • Dupont

  • Nippon

  • Germany Krupp

  • Jiangnan Chemical Industry

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