Profound mourning for Prof. Fritz Vögtle

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Dear colleagues and friends from the dendrimers community :

Unfortunately, we have to inform our community that Professor Fritz Vögtle, one of the pioneers in the dendrimer research, passed way last 3 of January 2017 after a short and severe illness.

We are all grateful to Fritz Vögtle for organizing the First International Dendrimer Conference (IDS-1), Oct. 3-5, (1999) in Frankfurt, Germany. Fritz is widely recognized for this first in a series of  "biannual dendrimer conferences". This first Conference has established a rich legacy in the dendrimer field now leading to the current IDS-10 which will be held in China (2017).

To pay tribute to the scientific contributions of Fritz Vögtle, we have a suggestion to you. To commemorate his seminal contributions to the development of dendrimer research, please dedicate to him one of your next papers in the field of dendrimers. This is a very simple way to honor the memory of Professor Fritz Vögtle, a brilliant chemist, artist and a good person that left to all of us a precious heritage. 

Thank you!

Best regards

Xiangyang Shi, Deyue Yan, Wusong Li

Brief biography of Professor Fritz Vögtle

Professor Fritz Vögtle was Born in Ehingen, Germany, at 8 of March 1939, studied chemistry at University of Freiburg. In 1960, he joined the University of Heidelberg as a student of chemistry and medicine, where he graduated in 1963. In 1965, he got his Ph.D. in the same university with Professor Hein A. Staab, on the valence isomerization of double Schiff bases. After gaining his lecturing qualification, he was a professor in Würzburg from 1969 to 1975, before accepting a position as full professor and director of the Kekulé-Institut for Organische Chemie und Biochemie in the University of Bonn where he retired in 2006. 

He was awarded a literature prize by the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie, the Lise Meitner-Alexander von Humboldt Award, the Izatt-Bradshaw-Christensen Award for Macrocyclic Chemistry and the Adolf von Baeyer Medal of the German Chemical Society, as well as an honorary doctorate from the University of Jyväskylä (2000), Finland. 

Professor Vögtle's research interests included supramolecular and nanochemistry, dendrimers, cyclophanes, low molecular weight gelators and intertwined molecular architectures. In 1992, he synthesized a quadruple-functionalized catenane, and in 1997 he presents the synthesis of a pretzel-shaped molecule. By using template effects, he was the first one able to produce rotaxanes in large quantities and in 1995 they obtained the first rotaxanes on an amide basis.

His hobbies were photography, diving, and painting.  

Adapted from Dendrimer Chemistry, published by Wiley in 2009 and authored by Fritz Vögtle, Gabriele Richardt, Nicole Werner, Anthony J. Rackstraw (Translator) and from the German version of Wikipedia.

Obituary info (in German only):
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