Introduction of previous  IDS


1. The earliest organization of IDS was in 1999;

2. The organizers are experts and professors in dendritic polymer field, such as chairman of the first IDS was Professor Fritz Vögtle who made the earliest invention and synthesis of dendrimers, chairman of the fourth IDS was Professor Donald Tomalia that achieved the earliest commercialization of dendrimers;

3. The purpose is to break the national boundaries, exchange mutually and make progress together for the benefit of human;

4. The symposium is an international, authoritative and knowledgeable conference;

5. The symposium will be held every two years, the theme is about the latest developments of design, synthesis and application of dendrimers and communication of advanced information , technology to fully display the highest level of theory research and application of dendritic polymers in the world.

6. The organizer will invite experts and international well-known enterprises in dendritic polymer to participate the conference, previous sessions of the scale was in 300 to 500 people and held in Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries, so it is milestone significance to be held in China for the first time in 2017.

The main content of the meeting:


1. Dendritic polymers related academic exchanges;

2. Application of dendritic polymers and products display;

3. Show of Equipment and process technic of dendritic polymers

4.Discussion of dendritic polymer international standards.


Introduction of dendritic polymers:


Knowledge about dendritic polymers was blank in China even Asia for a long time, Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co.,Ltd. (CYD) is the first enterprise in Asia to research, develop and produce dendritic polymers, it has applied more than 20 invention patents and established the first dendritic polymers production line in Asia  with continuous and stable operation.

CYD has the only Academician Workstation for dendritic polymers Area , a professional team led by a chemistry doctor of Peking University and the core management and shareholders ever worked in top 500 firms, such as Dow Chemical, Rhom and Hass, Arkema etc. Lots of top 500 companies and leading enterprises are interested in the products. High purity grade products are sold to more than 100 famous universities, covering more than 80% of the domestic market.

Organizers / 主办单位
  • Chinese Chemical Society 

Acting Organizer / 承办单位
  • Weihai

  • Donghua University

  • Shanghai JiaoTong University

  • Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co.,Ltd.

Sponsors / 赞助商

  • Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd.

Will invite enterprise

  • Julong

  • Jinyong


  • Volkswagen AG

  • Dendritech

  • Dendritic Nanotechnologies

  • Perstorp

  • Polymer Factory

  • DSM

  • BASF

  • GE

  • Huntsman

  • Selleck

  • CNPC

  • Sinopec

  • Sinochem

  • Wanhua Chemical Group

  • Dupont

  • Nippon

  • Germany Krupp

  • Jiangnan Chemical Industry

Previous reviews / 往届回顾